After Babel: The Quest for Universal Communication

April 22, 2024

'After Babel: The Quest for Universal Communication'

Communication is everywhere.

From humans, animals, insects, plants, fungi, technology, and even life-as-it-could-be, communication seems to be a cornerstone of living systems. But there is so much we don't understand about communication. For example, we don't yet have science-fiction universal translators that would allow conversations to happen across many different species. We don't even know if such a device would be possible. Where would such a device succeed and where would it fail?

This years Cross Labs workshop will be a deep dive into what we don't know about communication. Rather than featuring a series of presentations, this year's format will be a series of discussions where insights from several fields will be inspiration for wild brainstorming and idea-sharing.

View the recorded sessions on YouTube:

Session 1: Talking to Aliens & the Mathematics of Communication

Session 2: Animal, Cell, and Non-Human Communication

Session 3: Private Language, Consciousness, Perception, and Expanding Our Senses

Session 4: Detecting Agents and Goal-Directedness

Session 5: Philosophy and Ethics of Diverse Intelligences